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What People Are Saying

I would put money on this holster if my life depended on it. Thanx again, I will be getting another for the next pistol I buy.

Greg from Connecticut

This is my second 3 Speed holster, they’re by far the best cc holster on market!

Dalton from Nevada

They took the time to work with me, asking me all kinds of questions, so they could custom build my new holster. It turned out perfect and arrived on schedule. 3 Speed Holster does business the way it was when I was growing up, they are focused on the customer and their product is outstanding.

Howard from Florida

Nothing rivals this product! Very comfortable, even with the GLOCK 19. Thanks!

Mario from Florida

Received holster Friday. Awesome!! Using the bathroom is easy & safe--no unholstering with IWB carry. No matter what pants/shorts I wear, the 3 Speed holster will keep my P229 where it needs to be! comfortable & great quality!! keep up the quality work! God's blessings to you through Jesus!

Tom from Iowa

I don’t know how much money I have spent on holsters for my various guns. Several of those holsters claim to be the most comfortable that I would ever wear, but you guys did it. What a fantastic holster – great job!

Shawn from Washington

Bought mine 3 years ago, it is hands down the most amazing holster ever built or sold.

Mark from Illinois

I wanted to write and thank you for this new holster. I have a drawer full of holsters and this has to be the most comfortable I have ever worn. I will be ordering another one very soon. thanks.

Jeff from Colorado

It is by far the most comfortable and concealable holster I have ever worn!

Matthew from Texas

Only holster I've worn for the last 7 years. Worked as an Air Marshal. Best deep cover holster I've used and owned, and tried every holster produced in 14 years in the sky. Even my dad who knew I was armed could never spot it. Still wear it even in retirement.


This is THE most comfortable holster I have ever worn, and taking into account the versatility it offers is insane! You have no competition...I don't think I have the holster properly broken in yet but I love it. I leave it on at home when relaxing on the couch, all other holsters are uncomfortable, but with yours I don't even notice it. I am a very happy customer!!!
Thank you for bringing true comfort to concealed carry!

Jeremy from Missouri

My wife absolutely loves her 3 Speed Holster for her Beretta Nano!

Brad from Ohio

Absolute perfection, this is the most versatile, comfortable and concealable holster I’ve ever encountered. With over 50 holsters in my “holster drawer,” I speak from experience. I will be sure to mention this to all my fellow CCW holders and students. Still blown away by the stunning quality of this holster. Customer for life.

TH from Massachusetts

Wow I love this holster. It works great. Sitting is no problem & while shopping a few times I did forget all about it. This is awesome!!

Paula from Virginia

This holster is the best I have seen. I carry either the Sig P229 or the Sig P220 and have no issues with it. I can wear any type of pants and shorts and my weapon is secure and not noticeable. I concealed carry in Las Vegas NV and have no issues with heat. This is a great item, thank you.

Carlos from Nevada

I LOVE IT! Thanks again & I will recommend to all of my fellow Deputies and friends who conceal carry!!

Brad from Maine

Ahead of anything comparable in quality and design and functionality, Thank you.

Jeffrey from Minnesota

I won’t mention your competitions name, cause you have none!!!!!! Thanks again! I’ll be recommending this to all!!

Eric from West Virginia

I have a pain pump implant, a spinal cord stimulator implant plus, an insulin pump (with the monitor that connects to that pump) also attached to me. (Pancreatic cancer about did me in). So, you can imagine how hard it is to find a holster that is comfortable enough to wear all day. No holster has been that comfortable until I tried yours. Your holster, although a different approach to CCW, can actually be considered clothing. It’s that comfortable. After 20 years of being a cop and firearms instructor, was a little reluctant to try such a different kind of holster. I have the typical “holster drawer” and really like several of them, but they don’t do the job that the 3 Speed does.

Michael from Florida

This is the most comfortable holster I’ve ever used. I was able to carry a full size combat pistol for half the day and literally forgot it was there.

Brent from Ohio

I, like everyone else, has gone through many, so called "best concealment" holsters. Well, I am an amputee, and wear a prosthetic leg every day, that goes all the way to my hip. This outstanding 3 Speed holster allows me to carry my SIG 9mm everywhere I go. Thank you for making my life easier to carry, and protect me and my wife from anything anywhere!

Pat from Missouri

This is my third 3-Speed and I love each one of them. Thank you for a great product.

Dale from Indiana

Awesome holster! I am a licensed journeyman plumber/service technician in Wisconsin. I do a lot of squatting, bending and crawling without any discomfort. Thanks again for the quality holster.

Daniel from Wisconsin

The holster is everything advertised and more. Comfort concealment and easy to obtain your weapon. I will be recommending this holster to everyone.

Chuck from Michigan

I was really worried about the summer months. When it's hot out and you’ve had 18 surgeries on your torso, comfort is a priority. The 3 Speed Holster is the most comfortable, secure CC option out there. I tell ya, its pretty cool when I can walk into Walmart in a pair of flip flops, sport shorts and t-shirt and its not at all obvious that I’m armed.

Todd from Iowa

I have been in law enforcement for almost 12 years and its the best rig I have ever used.

Derek from New Jersey

Nothing more comfortable and discreet for hiding my duty P229. Thank you very much! I am telling all my co-workers.

Eddie from Colorado

Thought I was buying the holster for deep concealment only and would get another IWB holster for hip carry. I was wrong. This is the most comfortable IWB holster I have ever worn. Usually spend part of the day in deep concealment and with a quick twist I am at IWB the rest of the day (always IWB when driving for quick access). I just wanted to note the IWB because, when you do your next video, you should really emphasis the 3 o’clock position isn’t just for big belly guys, but great when you don’t need the deepest concealment all the time. Thanks again and I will continue to tell everyone about the 3 Speed. :)

William from Missouri

My wife loves it so much, she took mine.

Eric from Connecticut

Wow! I can’t believe how well it works. Very comfortable and no one could tell I was carrying. I will be telling all of my friends about this product for sure! Well done 3 Speed!

Dan from New York

I was skeptical, but now I’m a convert. This holster is the perfect solution to the summer problem.

Jerry from Texas

I tried to look for ways to disprove and dispute the claims of your website or the holster, and I can’t! I can honestly say this was my best holster investment to date; out of 15 years of carrying a firearm, concealed or open. I have been to all the leather gurus and custom kydex masters and none of them come close to the comfort, ability to conceal, or craftsmanship of the 3-Speed.

Jehad from Texas

Really comfortable, well made, and totally concealable. It holds my pistol flawlessly and is an easy draw and re-holster.

Mike from Michigan

What lead me to your holster was being a chef I needed something I could wear with chef pants, which are typically drawstring style. I don't normally put my name behind a product but this is superior to all others for me.
Going to the bathroom, which seems like a small thing, is a huge plus with it. I consider it a nice safety feature as you never lose contact with your firearm and you don't have to figure out where to put it safely. You have a life long customer with me. Thanks again

Johnny from Georgia

I love it. Very comfortable and for a concealment holster for the full size 10mm it’s amazing. Thanks for a great well made holster.

Brent from British Columbia

I’ve had the 3 Speed for about two years now, so this is no “honeymoon” review. First off, I carry a Glock 23 with an extra full size mag. I’m not a very big guy (6′ 1″, 175), so I wanted a holster that would really conceal the firearm. I wear the holster pretty much every day, for around 8-10 hours. I can say with confidence that this is a truly amazing holster for deep concealment, as well as standard IWB carry. It’s extremely comfortable, keeps the firearm in place without fail, and when in deep concealment IT WONT PRINT. If you need to know you’re not going to print/paint when you’re carrying, then this is the holster for you.

It’s also very easy to use the bathroom while wearing it, never having to worry about having a place to put the weapon down is priceless. This is of course thanks to the fact that this is one of the only holsters to be found that isn’t held up by your belt. Try wearing a super tuck with running shorts or sweatpants, it won't end well.

Bottom line is this, you cannot find a better holster than this one, period. I do use other holsters on occasion, but this is my go to, and I’m pretty sure it always will be. At least until to the 2 mag model comes out. Thanks for the great product, and great service!!!

Bill from Florida

I wear it regularly and live in Texas. Have had it for a year, still looks new and very comfortable. Keep up the good work!

James from Texas

I wear Carharrt bibs most everyday between work (on the farm) and in town getting supplies, etc. It conceals beautifully and is extremely comfortable. Plus, the gun stays a lot cleaner in this rig than in a pocket holster, where there is dirt (compost, etc.) blowing around in the wind. The most important feature that I have found though, is the ability to draw one handed while wearing bibs. After wearing it for a month or so along with break in and practice, it is fast to draw. Second hand is not required to pull any clothing out of the way. Granted, not a big part of the population wears bib overalls regularly, but this might be something you’d want to mention in your marketing, especially to a farm or rural oriented crowd. It is so far the best solution that I’ve found for carrying while wearing bibs. Thanks.

Tom from Kansas

It does everything you say. Thanks for saving me a ton of money on holsters, keep up the good work!

Tom from Nebraska

It is the most comfortable holster I’ve ever worn. I had it on all day and I didn’t even know it was there, this is a great product for sure!

Steven from Pennsylvania

Really digging this holster! It is unbelievably comfortable and conceals wonderfully.

Philip from Virginia

I just received my (first) 3 Speed Holster in the mail. I tried it on to see how it worked and felt, got busy with work, and forgot I had it on. Great product, I love it already. I ordered a second one for my other carry.

Sarkis from New York

First of all I am so so disappointed…that you were not making this holster 10 years ago! My compliments to the master craftsman! Not to drag this on but bar none this is the best holster I’ve ever used! Had you been around 10 or 15 years ago, I could have saved a lot of money and time on trial and error! It’s clear you know what your doing and you do it well. Great job man and that’s not the last one I’ll be ordering from you!

David from Florida

I've had it for about 3 or 4 years...Luv it. So comfortable, you can carry riding a motorcycle and not even think about it. Put your hands in your pockets and pull the rig just a bit higher and get on..when you get off...adjust again to lower...easy. And no magazines in my jean pockets!!!


I love it. It functions as well if not better than described on your Youtube video. It conceals well and is easy to use after some practicing. Thanks for an excellent functioning product and very well made to boot.

Robert from California

Very comfortable holster. I've had mine for three years.


Thank You more than I can express for a wonderful holster and for service that is "next-to-none!"

Darrel from Indiana

This holster has been absolutely amazing and it has worked flawlessly!

Jeremy from Texas

I have had this product for almost one year. It is the best because I wear sweat pants and shorts all the time and this is what all concealed holsters should feel like.

Jay from Washington

That material is the most pleasant thing against the body, through sweat and cold! You really nailed the material for these, and made carry dreams come true!

Chase from New York

I have never felt an urge to contact a company that sold me a product and thank them until now. This is the greatest piece of gear I have ever paid for and it has provided a solution to my holster problem that I have struggled with off duty for so many years.

Alec LAPD from California

This is now the conceal carry holster of my choice for everyday carry of my .45 XDS. I have worn it now for nearly a year and will always use this option when dressed casually.

Carl from Colorado

It takes all the weight off the waistband and keeps the gun where you want it! I’m a huge proponent of home carry and there is nothing better than the 3 Speed when you’re in your PJ’s, or anything else with an elastic waistband.

Doug from Maryland

This thing is AWESOME! I am truly impressed.

Joe from Kentucky

As soon as you get this it’s ready to go, you don’t even need to break it in. I have a Glock 26 and it fits like a glove, smooth draw every time, all the time. I finally have the holster I was looking for. Thanks

Nate from Ohio

I’m loving it. It is amazingly comfortable. Thanks again.

John from South Carolina

I'm 6'3 and 300 lbs and carry a PX4 Storm Compact. Wear the 3 Speed Holster 10-12 hours a day. This is the most comfortable holster I've ever had. Several times I've forgotten I had it on. I wear bib overalls 90% of the time. Climbing on/off equipment, on the ground rolling around on my back doing maintenance, this holster works great. In just seconds you can move the holster around to any position you may need it. There is no printing, even in normal jeans. Very comfortable wearing it in my pickup truck or on my Harley.

Bob from Illinois

This is my third. Love this holster.

Debra from Mississippi

Active sports wear is what I wear almost everyday for comfort. The 3 Speed Holster is definitely my go to holster for this configuration, because it offers the most concealment and easy access. Great Product!

Carlos from Tennessee

I purchased two 3 Speed Holsters. One I wear daily and I’m awaiting the other one so I can carry my other gun instead. I LOVE IT! Concealing has never been easier for me. I am skinny so I always had trouble with printing. With the 3 Speed, it’s never a problem! All and all, I give it an 11 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best)!

Jason from Texas

Just received my holster. It is amazing! I love it!

Josh from Nebraska

My wife could not even tell I was wearing my gun, an XD-40 sub compact. Again, really happy and I will be talking up your product to everyone I know.

Chuck from Michigan

I just purchased my third holster. Thank you for making my life easier.

Don from South Carolina

Awesome holster, best one I own and probably the only one I’ll be buying in the future. Wore it all day in the truck, outside, even the mall, comfortable as hell. Will tell everyone about this one!!

Luigi from New York

My holster arrived right on time and it certainly lives up to its claims of quality and comfort, as well as concealment! Finally I have something that makes my PPS disappear under a fitted dress shirt!

Bill from Ohio

Just wanted to let you guys know, that the holster was worth the wait! . . I love it!! . . I will be recommending your products to my friends, for sure. . .Thanks again!

William from Utah

Very impressed. Showing to fellow CCWs and they will be contacting you. Great product!

John from Nevada

I love it! It’s by far the most comfortable holster I’ve ever tried on. It is so comfortable, I can’t even tell I’m wearing one much less even see it! Very nice craftsmanship you do excellent work and I will recommend you to all my CWP friends!

Travis from South Carolina

I carried my Ruger SR40C in one for 2 1/2 years. Then my G19 for another ten months. When I carry the G19 or G26 the 3 Speed goes with me.

Ken Edwards

When I received my 3 Speed holster I noticed it is very much unlike any holster I have ever worn. I would like to say for that reason it carries, conceals, draws and returns your weapon better than any holster I have ever fielded. Whether using it for deep concealment or IWB, it is the most comfortable solid holster I have found.
Simply put, if you're not using a 3 Speed holster, you're not using the right holster for concealed carry. Thank you.

Michael from Wyoming

I already own 2 of your holsters. The best thing I’ve got going in my pants!

Chris from Michigan

I ordered a new holster for my Glock 42. I love your product!!!!!!! Thanks a lot.

Jerome from France

It is amazing. I carry it in a high rise position, the shirt covers it completely and you can’t tell, and of course in the deep concealment position, your pants do it. It is one of the most comfortable holsters I have bought.

Fred from Oregon

I couldn’t be happier. This is the most versatile deep concealment holster I’ve ever had. You have a great product AND great customer service. Thank you so very much.

Zakk from Texas

A great product from a great company! I’ll definitely be recommending you to my friends with pistol permits.

Alexander from Massachusetts

Nice work…I love it!

Willie from Arizona

You should be getting a spike in orders soon. I’ve shown my holster to a couple of the guys I work with and they all loved it. This is definitely a good product!

Vince from Florida

Upon arrival, I immediately tried this holster with thinnest clothing possible; polyester gym shorts and cotton T. Both were sized to fit. I couldn’t find a body position where my USP compact didn’t remain concealed. Awesome product!

Chris from Tennessee

I am very pleased, it seems the more I wear it the more comfortable it gets!!

Brandon from Texas

Just wanted to let you know, have had the pleasure of using the 3 Speed holster for a few weeks now and I have to say it is awesome. Very comfortable, very easy to use, and I can pretty much wear it with anything. Have worn it with shorts, sweats, dress pants, jeans, you name it. I love the fact that it can be worn 360 degrees around the body, in high medium or low positions. I have a Full size Glock 21 for crying out loud and am able to easily conceal it in gym shorts. Can imagine how much more comfortable it would be with a more compact pistol.
I never write product reviews but this is an awesome product and I just wanted to say thanks.

Cory from Idaho

Received my holster yesterday, I was out of the office when it came, but was eager to come in to get it. I fit it to my body last night, and put it on this morning. After maybe an hour of wearing it, it is the BEST DAMNED holster I have ever owned. I can’t wait until it conforms to me the way you advertised, but even right out of the package it works very well. I have gone through about a dozen holsters to find the fit and flexibility this provides and none even compare. Thank you.

Chuck from Utah

THANK YOU!!! Perfect fit for the Glock 43 and spare mag. And so surprised it was in the mail today. Wore it around the house as I packed, as we are heading out to see grandkids. Just like the one for the Sigs you made me: perfect for the pistol and extra mag and very comfortable!!
Thanks again for a great quality rig and a perfect design! Have a great weekend! Happy customer!!

Tom from Iowa

When I first received the holster I wasn’t sure I would like it or be able to get used to it, but after wearing it for a week or so I have to say I am thrilled with how it performs.

Brian from Michigan

Just letting you know my holster is wonderful. I wear it as a belly band, it is very comfortable as I wear it on the average of 12 to 14 hrs a day, also the quality is outstanding. Thanks so much.

Grant from Kansas

The 3 Speed Holster will receive a lot of usage from me as well as recommendations. Congrats on a very fine product.

Gary from California

Recently received a holster for my shield 9 and I'm ecstatic. I found out about you guys on YouTube a few months back and ordered one for my full size glock 20. I immediately fell in love with it. With summer approaching, I needed to put the full size up and I immediately thought of you guys again. Before I get too long winded, I just wanted to say thanks. I love your product and your customer service. I've talked my buddy into getting one soon for his HK too!
You've made it easy to carry confidently, safely, and with a spare mag; something I always opted against previously. Thanks for helping keep me and my loved ones safe, always. I wish you and your company prosperity my friend. Thanks again,

Billy from Denver

Does your mother know what a genius you are? This holster is outstanding on so many levels. Well done.

Mark from Pennsylvania

This is my favorite holster ever. High quality, comfortable, and I can wear it with anything. I'm so glad I stumbled upon a random post on a gun site as I was looking at tactipac and something similar. Your company popped up on Facebook the other day and I was so happy it did. Shared it with my gun friends and I know at least one is purchasing. Last we spoke you were keeping it small, but I gotta tell you this is the type of item that should be in every conceal carry persons gun safe. It's the only holster I own now as I gave my others away. Thanks again.

Johnny from Georgia

Awesome! I was going to ask, but the material really is on another level.

David from New York

Received my 3 Speed this week and wow! This is by far the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. Have about 7 other holsters that have all been highly reviewed and with my build, just feel like a giant lego shoved down my pants. Was skeptical of this holster with folding near the trigger and causing issues but it holds its shape perfect. Just wanted to say thank you so much for providing a great holster for anyone who wishes to use their rights to self defense. Keep up the good work and thank you once again!

Robert from California