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Made In The U.S.A.

Oakland Park, Florida, to be exact. More than that…Every Piece Of Material in the 3 Speed Holster is produced here in the United States of America. Right down to the thread! Which runs through our Sailrite Sewing Machines, made in Columbia City, IN. Which set atop our JW Tables, made in Monroe, NC. The 3 Speed Holster is 100% Made In The USA!


3 Speed Holster
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Custom Built To Your Body Size

Every 3 Speed Holster is “Made To Order” to fit your Body (and your gear). It’s not just “Built For You,” it was also “Engineered For You.” During development (a 7 year journey) there were many independent designs being worked on at the same time. Each, a different version of the 3 Speed Holster; designed, tested, and evolved separately (on a wide variety of body shapes and sizes). Click on our Video Guide to learn more about how we do this.

Five Strategies For Comfort

Why Is This Thing So Comfortable?

There are 5 major strategies used to achieve the comfort level that made this rig so popular. For us, comfort is a tactical concern. From preventing injury during non-lethal combat, to the fact that a less fatigued officer is a tactical advantage.


1.) Weight Distribution

The first thing you’ll notice when you put on a 3 Speed Holster, is how much lighter your gear feels. The holster we build for you has been independently engineered to fit your personal body size. It’s one of the many reasons we ask for your hip measurement. The curves, angles and arches are constructed to spread weight evenly across a greater area. This enables more muscles to carry smaller/lighter portions of the load. Substantially reducing the perceived weight.


2.) Gear Off Body
No more brick of a gun against your body…no matter what position you’re in. There’s a very special layer of thin materials which keep every part of your gear comfortably against the body. This isn’t just for luxury, it also serves to reduce injury in non-lethal combat.


3.) Ventilation
The material on the back side of your holster has a very special network of tiny grooves. These grooves allow heat and sweat to be channeled away. Much like a tire channels rainwater…only on a micro scale. When you leave a hot environment and enter a cooler one, the 3 Speed Holster will actually dry off…while you’re wearing it. This also creates an incredibly stable platform to draw a handgun from. No matter how much you sweat, the draw is always solid. This holster will never slip and slide. Of course, it also has all the antibacterial and mildew resistant properties we expect in this modern age.


4.) Versatility
The 3 Speed Holster is fully functional from the front to the side, to the back, and a billion positions in between. We also have the freedom to shift it up and down as well. This is utilized for different concealment demands. However, it also allows “fine tuning” adjustments for your own personal comfort. Put it where it’s the most comfortable for you. The 3 Speed Holster will run in that position.


5.) Maneuverability
This holster was designed and tested under full hand to hand combat training. Complete freedom of movement. From sitting to running, to you name it. Nothing will ever bind, poke, or pinch in any way. Those days are over.


For many of our customers, concealment can be a matter of Life And Death. Using factory exact replicas, every holster is professionally fit for the highest level of conceal ability.


Why does it conceal so well?
The best example is the way we mount your handgun. Imagine a large handgun on a thin person’s body frame. The barrel pointed straight down in the vertical direction. In this position, the gun’s handle will lay horizontally against that skinny person’s body.


Now, as the body curves around, that gun handle (being horizontal) continues straight out into space. This causes the butt of the handle to lift up and away from the body. Under clothing this becomes a big, ugly lump.


Take that same large gun (on the same thin person) and slowly turn it clockwise (for a right handed shooter). As the handle moves up, the entire handgun begins to lay completely flat against the body.


We take the circumference of your body (your hip measurement), and the height of your handgun (length of gun handle). Then enter those numbers into a formula which tells us exactly which angle to mount that handgun onto your body.


2 or 3 canting options on a holster is a nice feature, but having it custom fit to the precise position…that’s 3 Speed Holster.

The Original Fail-Safe Draw System

If you don’t know what a “Draw Cone” is, that’s because 3 Speed Holster is the Only Holster with this feature. U.S. Patent 10,107,588


As your hand comes in to draw…your thumb slides down behind the gun, which causes the backplate of the holster to form into a cone. This coning effect literally funnels your thumb into proper grip placement. In that same motion, retention is released, and the gun is drawn effortlessly, with a solid purchase, in the full and proper firing position…every time.


It’s a faster, smoother, and safer way to draw…we guarantee it!

Trigger Protection

100% Trigger Protection! Isn’t that A Holster’s First Duty? There’s a very special piece of material incorporated inside the 3 Speed Holster, which protects the entire trigger guard area (Front And Back). When you’re wearing a 3 Speed Holster…your handgun is completely “Stored And Safe.”

Try It For 30 Days!

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t Love This Holster, simply send it back for a Full, No Questions Asked, 100% Refund. There is no “SMALL PRINT” anywhere on our website.

The Materials

The Straps (Guaranteed for Life)

The elastic is Genuine K & W Webbing. Made in the USA by the same company who supplies the major U.S. Government Prime sewing contractors. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

We only use Genuine Nylon Velcro® with an estimate of 10+ years of daily use. We’ll also re-strap your holster for life at no charge, and for any reason…even if your dog chews it up!


The Thread

We only use Bonded V92 Ultra Dee Thread, and we use it for every stitch in your entire holster. It’s the industry standard for high quality Sail Making. Ridiculously strong and designed to stand up to the harshest elements.


A technique for locking the beginning and end of each seam is called “backstitching.” We double backstitch every seam and triple backstitch all stress areas. Even the label is double backstitched, because failure is not an option.


The Lining

Ultra-high grade industrial twill lining. This isn’t your grandmother’s twill. Nothing comes close to its function and durability. It must stand up to the rigors of drawing and re-holstering. This holster isn’t just built for self-defense, we expect you to train with it.


The Outer Shell

Probably the first thing you’ll notice. The outer materials exude quality. The material facing your body was developed just for that…being against the human body. It has a very special network of tiny grooves. These grooves allow heat and sweat to be channeled away. Much like a tire channels rainwater…only on a micro scale. When you leave a hot environment and enter a cooler one, the holster will actually dry off…while you’re wearing it. This also creates an incredibly stable platform to draw a handgun from. No matter how much you sweat, the draw is always solid. This holster will never slip and slide.


It’s also Antibacterial, Mildew Resistant, Stain Resistant, Formaldehyde Free, and has No Heavy Metals. Rated to an incredible 100,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test.


The material facing your clothing was chosen for the way it holds to cloth (the inside of your pants). Enough to keep everything stable, while allowing just the right amount of smoothness to maneuver and adjust holster positions.

Quality Matters

Self-Defense Holsters are like parachutes for BASE jumping. There’s no room for malfunction! From Design to Materials to Precise Craftsmanship, every detail comes together in harmony. We Guarantee It!

Color Of The Holsters

Choose the color which more closely resembles your gun handle. This will create a camouflage effect in the event your gear is ever exposed. Especially important when engaged in Non-Lethal Defense.


We offer 2 color options to help hide the shape of your gun. Black Background for dark colored gun handles. Olive Khaki for light colored gun handles. Click on our Facebook link to see more photos.


Because you are getting this holster Directly From Us…The People Who Build It. We will Never hire Sales People…no commissions to pay. When you call or email us…you will get “Actual Customer Support”…not someone trying to sell stuff.


We will Never sell in retail stores (Retail Value: $135). From our hands to yours…Wholesale Price is $95. We keep it as low as possible…because we can : )

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