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Custom Built

The only holster ever engineered and custom built to fit your Exact Body Size, Handgun, and Spare Magazine. Originally developed for and by some of the most elite in undercover law enforcement.

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Assisted Draw

Our (Patented) "Draw Cone" helps guide your hand into the Proper Firing Grip...Every Time! A game changer in self-defense. Click on the photo to Learn More.

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Custom Concealed

For many of our customers, concealment can be a matter of Life And Death. This is why we go above and beyond. Click on the photo to Learn More.

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Comfort Strategy

There are 5 major strategies used to achieve the comfort level that made this rig so popular. For us, comfort is a tactical concern. From preventing injury during non-lethal combat, to the fact that a less fatigued officer is a tactical advantage.

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Quality Matters

Self-defense holsters are like parachutes (with no reserve chute). When we pull that ripcord, there's no room for malfunction. From design to materials to precise craftsmanship, every detail comes together in harmony. We guarantee it!

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I have been in law enforcement for almost 12 years and its the best rig I have ever used.

Derek from New Jersey

Only holster I've worn for the last 7 years. Worked as an Air Marshal. Best deep cover holster I've used and owned, and tried every holster produced in 14 years in the sky. Even my dad who knew I was armed could never spot it. Still wear it even in retirement.


I have never felt an urge to contact a company that sold me a product and thank them until now. This is the greatest piece of gear I have ever paid for and it has provided a solution to my holster problem that I have struggled with off duty for so many years.

Alec LAPD from California

Unlike any holster I have ever worn. It carries, conceals, draws and returns your weapon better than any holster I have ever fielded. Simply put, if you're not using a 3 Speed holster, you're not using the right holster for concealed carry.

Michael from Wyoming