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Brown Holster?

We are indefinitely out of the brown material. Our supplier ran out…so we have to get it from the manufacturer…their minimum order exceeds our building space. We’ll just have to grow bigger before we can get the brown back in (could be up to a couple years). Black and Olive are standard colors…so, we will never run out of the Black on Black and Olive on Black holsters.

Lasers and Lights?

We can fit all major brand lights and lasers (and most off brands too). Just be sure to give us the “make and model” when you order.

How does it work for large people?

Every holster is custom built to your body size. The comfort, conceal ability, and weapon access are all 100%. With a “big gut” or “beer belly”, it runs even better…the belly will only help conceal. The back plate will get you a clean smooth draw every time. The only issue we’ve ever found is with those who have a large lower belly (below the belt-line)…they will have trouble concealing when it’s in the “up front position“…and so prefer to wear the holster at their side position.  It’s fully functional anywhere around the waist.

Left handed version?

Yes, even better than that, we build every holster to order…from the ground up…so it will be a “true left handed holster”.

Tucking in your shirt?

In the deep conceal position…the back plate of the holster is hidden behind the shirt. The shirt is then wedged behind the gun handle. So you can actually draw the weapon, without having to pull your shirt up. Better explained in This Video. Fast forward to 1:24.

How will it conceal a full size pistol?

Absolutely Topnotch…we guarantee it : ) For many of our customers, concealment can be a matter of life and death…this is taken very seriously. All gear is custom mounted with precision. Using factory exact replicas. Every gun is perfectly canted (angled) for the highest level of conceal ability. There is no standard “FBI cant”. When a cant is necessary,  we custom cant the handgun based on it’s exact dimensions  Your gear will always lay flat against your body. Every single holster is built from the ground up, for you and your gear of choice. We do it the right way, or we don’t do it at all.

Can it be worn at 3 o’clock and other positions?

It is 100%  fully functional, 360 degrees around the body…with the same high level of comfort too. 3 o’clock position  small of back, etc. You even have the option of sinking it down low…when you need that extra bit of conceal ability. If you plan on wearing it in those other positions…I would recommend getting it without the spare magazine compartment…only because it’s a long reach to draw the mag with your weak hand. There’s no extra charge for those kind of modifications.

Going to the bathroom?

The instructions below are for when you wear the holster in the “up-front position”. Wearing it in every other position ie. 3 o’clock, small of back, etc…it’s a non-issue. Going to the bathroom is the same as if you weren’t wearing a gun : )

Going #1
Very simple : ) You basically treat the holster like underwear. Simply roll the top of the back plate over the pistol…and push the rig down. The elastic allows it to move low enough…so you have plenty of room to do what needs to be done. If you find it does not easily move down…it’s because the holster is on too tight. The 3 Speed is structurally designed with incredible stability…when worn in the IWB position and below, a very comfortable snugness is all that’s needed.

Doing #2
Even easier. Go into the deep conceal position and treat it as underwear. You can actually conceal the holster down by your feet, as do your business….and have fast draw cone access at any moment.


The “fail-safe draw” is amazing with the auto pistols…partly because of the beaver tail…it stops and locks the hand into a solid combat grip. Most revolvers don’t have a beaver tail…but it’s still a superior draw. The draw cone functions 100%…especially in a stressful situation…worst case, you’re gonna get a dam good grip on that revolver.

We also put a reverse cant (angle) on revolvers. This lines everything up to the natural motion of your arm as it draws in and out. That’s something we can’t do for auto pistols.

Speed Loaders and Quick Strips?

We can fit 1 Quick Strip (or 2 when ordered without the ID pocket). When you order…just tell us how many rounds and which caliber you want. We can not fit speed loaders (at this time). It actually requires some special designing. In future we may offer that option.

Special Requests?

We can fit your holster in a wide variety of ways. Such as, high capacity spare magazines or no spare magazine at all. We can fit all major brand lights and lasers (and most off brands too). Just be sure to give us the “make and model” when you order.

If a holster is made for a gun with a laser attachment … will it still work when I carry my gun without the laser?

Yes…to an extent. The larger the laser/light…the more the gun will cant (angle) when holstered without that laser/light attached. Lasers or lights that are bigger than the gun…sit lower than the trigger guard or are wider than the slide…can cause issues if you carry with the laser / light not attached.

Will the holster work with multiple guns?

The holsters are gun and spare magazine specific…”like a glove”. But you can carry other guns of similar size. The material we use is much more forgiving than Kydex. Below are the things to look out for.

1.) Slide Width. Avoid using the holster with thicker guns than it was designed for…this can damage the holster. You should be able to fit your thumb down into the holster…between the gun handle and the back plate. Substantially thinner guns may sink too low into the holster…causing a rear sight snag issue. As well as reductions in gun retention.

2.) Trigger Guard Shape. Round, square, triangular? This can cause fit issues. Round will generally fit into a square…but square won’t work well into a round.

3.) Spare Magazines. If a spare magazine is too short…it will sit too low in the mag compartment. This can cause major “draw issues”.
A quick fix is to stuff a little material into the bottom of the mag compartment…thus bringing the magazine up to the proper level.

4.) Barrel Length. Shorter barrels will always run 100%. We do not advise carrying guns with longer barrels than any holster was designed for…serious risk of “front site snag” when drawing.

Will the holster work for women?

We‘ve gotten great feedback from women. But, women (like men) need to dress for the firearm they choose to carry, no matter which holster they choose. That being said…the 3 Speed will hug and lay flat against the body of men and women alike…so the choices for clothing to wear are very wide open. However, women tend to prefer “fitted” clothing…which makes IWB type carry very tricky. It’s the old “comfort vs fashion” issue.

Sitting Down?

Full freedom of movement….even squatting.  It’s built to move with you…not just sitting down…but the full range of motion…with full access to your gear. The holster was designed for unencumbered, hand to hand combat situations…sitting is a breeze : )  More about sitting on our Instructions Page.

What’s the turnaround time on a holster build? 

The turnaround time is constantly changing as we grow. When it increases, we take measures to build the company and reduce the turnaround time. The current turnaround time is always updated on the page just before you get to the order form.

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