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Our 100% Guarantee

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try it for 30 days (from the day you receive it.) If you don’t love this holster, simply send it back for a full, no questions asked, refund. We accept returns in any condition…always a 100% refund.


The 3 Speed Holster is fully warrantied against any defects in workmanship and materials. All of us here, have great respect for the fact that our customers may be put into a situation where their life depends on our holster. We very much understand the critical importance of perfection. We’ll always make things right and we‘ll do it the right way.

Trigger Protection

Absolutely protected…no question about it. There’s a very special piece of material incorporated inside the holster which far exceeds what is necessary. Carry with one in the chamber and no manual safety…we have you covered…100%.

Custom Built To Order

Every holster is built to order from the ground up, to your body frame and your gear of choice. Using factory exact replicas…each handgun and spare magazine are precisely fit by highly trained professionals. Always a “perfect fit” because your life depends on it. Our current turnaround time is posted on the page just before you get to the order form.

Complete Comfort by Design. Five Different Strategies Combined Into One Holster

From design to materials to the precise craftsmanship…every detail comes together in harmony. Extreme comfort, from the moment you put it on until the end of every day….we guarantee it. Every aspect of this holster is rooted in tactics…comfort is no exception. Because a less fatigued officer is a tactical advantage.

1. Custom Built For Your Body.

Every holster is custom built to your exact body size. We don’t just add longer straps…the holster itself is engineered to fit your specific body frame. There are subtle differences in the curves and overall shape of the holster. This ensures stability of the draw, consistency of positioning, and the most efficient weight distribution based on your personal body frame. After a few days of wear, it becomes even more streamlined, eventually conforming to the shape of your body.

2. Gear off body design

No more brick of a gun against your body. No matter what position you’re in…100% of your gear is mounted in cushioned luxury. Sitting, running, standing or jumping…always full comfort. This also reduces the risk of self-injury during non-lethal hand to hand combat situations.

3. Maneuverability

The 3 Speed Holster is extremely maneuverable, giving us the ability to shift holster positions in any direction…not only to suit a changing environment, but the ability to fine tune and make adjustments for your own personal comfort.

4. Maximum balanced weight distribution

Weight is distributed horizontally, vertically and every point in between. Every curve and shape is engineered with purpose…giving structure and stability. This spreads the load to more muscles. Imagine a 2 pound steak hanging from your belt and walk around for a few hours. Gravity will take its toll. Now eat a 2 pound steak and that same weight becomes incorporated into your core body mass. With perfect balance you will soon forget that weight is even there. The moment you put this holster on, you’ll feel the difference. At the end of a long day is when the 3 Speed really shines.

5. Heat and sweat channeling system

The inner material has a special network of tiny grooves, designed for channeling heat and sweat away. This also creates an incredibly stable draw platform. No matter how much you sweat…the draw is always solid. The holster will never slip and slide. When you leave a hot environment and enter a cooler one…the holster will actually dry off while you’re wearing it.

Tactical Concealment

For many of our customers, concealment can be a matter of life and death…this is taken very seriously. All gear is custom mounted with precision. Using factory exact replicas. Every gun is perfectly canted (angled) for the highest level of conceal ability. There is no standard “FBI cant”. We custom cant each handgun based on it’s exact dimensions.  Your gear will always lay flat against your body.

The Original Fail-Safe Draw System:

The back plate cones as you draw your weapon. This literally funnels your hand down into a full combat grip…every single time. In that same motion, the retention on your handgun is cut, and releases the gun from the holster. A smooth, clean, and super fast draw. Your thumb is actually in the full and proper firing position “while the gun is still holstered”. It’s a faster, stronger, and safer way to draw…we guarantee it!

Spare Magazine Compartment:

The same Draw Cone System is incorporated…it’s a fast, fail-safe, mag-draw. Spare Magazine is positioned for a weak hand draw…with rounds pointed to your strong side. This allows full grip, one-motion reloads.


Fully Functional 360 degrees around the body. IWB to Deep Conceal to Belly Position and everything in-between. Shift holster positions on the fly…covertly. When not in use the holster folds up for storage, safe and secure.

Built Tough, Built To Last, Built To Perform:

No cheap stuff. Right down to the thread, “Bonded V92 Ultra Dee UV Thread” is the industry standard for high quality Sail Making. It’s extremely strong and designed to stand up to the elements.

Tough industrial grade Twill lining, chosen to stand up to daily drawing and re-holstering.

The backing material (facing your body) is designed for channeling heat and sweat and remaining completely stable under all conditions…wet or dry, always a clean solid draw.

The outer material was chosen for it’s ability to grip cloth (the inside of your pants). Each is rated for Superior Abrasion Resistance, Wyzenbeek rated to an incredible 100,000 double rubs. Stands up to -20˚F. Mildew Resistant, Stain Resistant, and Water Proof to keep your weapon safe and dry.

The elastic is not just “military spec” but you get a double portion of it. Genuine Nylon Velcro® will stand up to 15+ years of daily use.

Every material was chosen with care and to our rigorous specifications…because your life depends on it…we take that very seriously. Built Tough, Built To Last, Built To Perform.

Color Of The Holsters:

Choose the color that more closely resembles your gun handle. In case your shirt ever gets flipped up e.g. in a hand to hand combat situation…or just the wind. We offer 2 color choices to help camouflage the shape of your gun. Black background for black handled guns. Brown background for wood and light colored handles.

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