Using the 3 SPEED© Holster is an art. With a little sleight of hand, and some practice, you’ll soon be wearing this thing proficiently. Learn exactly where, when, and how to adjust. After you get good at it…that’s when the real level of comfort kicks in.

Putting Your Holster On:

Simply tuck the bottom of the holster into your pants…it should now stay there by itself…freeing up both hands to pull the strap around. Very easy.

Care Instructions:

For starters, you’ll rarely need to wash it. The materials are designed to stay clean and fresh. General cleaning can be done with a damp cloth. May be machine washed in cold water, then, hung out to dry. This method will give any fabric a longer life. However, it will handle hard machine wash and dryer as well. We also recommend using vinyl conditioner on the outer material…especially after a hard wash.

Break-in Period:

After wearing it for about a week…the entire holster will soften up and conform to your body. So yes, it gets even better with time. You may experience some friction heat on your thumb (when you draw). The canvas will soften up and smooth out tremendously, in a short while, and the draw will become painless. Folding into the “4th holster” position will be tricky at first. In a short time the holster will retain the memory. Folding up will soon be as quick and effortless as shown in the video.

Types of Clothing You Can Wear with The 3 Speed© :

Just like any IWB concealment holster, a size larger in the waist band is usually recommended. This holster works with a huge selection of clothing, from shorts and sweat pants, to jeans and business suits.

Belt or no belt…it runs 100%. “Stiff gun belts” are not recommended. The holster takes care of all the security and stability needed. Use the normal, regular belts you wore before you started carrying concealed.  For carrying in any type of IWB holster…the best belts are those with “clamp buckles”…giving us every minute degree of adjust-ability it will always be “just right” : ) Obviously, for “deep Concealment“, fitted pants won’t work well, as with any holster of this type.

For the ultimate in comfort, wear cotton boxer briefs underneath the holster. The best formula is: Skin, Underwear, Holster, Pants. I prefer boxer briefs a size larger than normal. Boxer Shorts, (for me personally) seem to not work well with this holster…it’s a comfort thing, the holster still functions fully.

Going To The Bathroom

The instructions below are for when you wear the holster in the “up-front position”. Wearing it in every other position (e.g. 3 o’clock, small of back, etc) is a non-issue. Going to the bathroom is as if you weren’t wearing a gun at all : )

 Going #1

Very simple : ) You basically treat the holster like underwear. Simply roll the top of the back plate over the handgun…and push the rig down. The elastic allows it to move low enough…so you have plenty of room to do what needs to be done. If the elastic doesn’t give enough slack, then you are wearing it tighter than it needs to be .

Doing #2

Even easier. Go into the deep conceal position and treat it as underwear. You can actually conceal the holster down by your feet, as do your business.

Transitioning From One Holster Position to Another:

Mid-Section, down to Deep Concealment: Pulling your pants up over the front first…helps to get it started.

Putting your thumbs under the tabs (at your hips) releases the retention on your body…this is what allows the holster to move freely.

4th (storage) Holster Configuration:

The larger your waist size…the more times you’ll need to wrap the strap around the holster, to get it to fit into the “hook Velcro tab”. For more detailed instructions…refer to part 3 of the video (towards the end). Will do instructional videos later. Large handle guns will be harder to fold up…but they will work. There is a “break-in period” for the 4th holster. At first it may be tricky to get it folded up, but soon you’ll find that everything will go right into place.

Sitting Down and Standing Up:

A very simple technique. As you sit, using your thumb and index finger, roll the top edge forward, to clear your body…it should go right into a sweet spot.

When in the deep conceal position follow the same rule…but pull up just a bit on the holster…so the handgun moves up flat against the body…very easy. With this technique…you will even be able to squat down low…very comfortably. 

As you stand back up…press down with light pressure on the back of your gun’s slide (or handle, for revolvers), to get it back down into position. It’s those subtle maneuvers that make all the difference.

In time (as the holster breaks in), you will have to do this less frequently, as the holster will move and bend with your body.

Adjusting Gun Retention:

Yes, you can adjust the level of gun retention. Simply clasp the holster on snugger…it will increase the tension on the weapon. The same tension as a very comfortable elastic waistband, seems to be the best balance of gun retention and comfort for me.

The Draw:

In my experience with this holster, I’ve found it much easier to draw than any other. However, getting your hand on the gun and pulling it out of any holster is dependent upon your level of skill. Practice safely. Know your holster’s limitations….drawing straight up and level is ideal…but you have room for error…how much room depends on the size of your firearm, your clothing, etc. So practice, no matter what brand of holster you choose…you and your loved ones, might one day depend on that skill.

The 3 SPEED© Deep Concealment, “Pop-Up” Draw:


It’s more of a “push” (with your finger) than a “pop”. You sort of “push and lightly throw” the gun up, into position…with your finger. As for the gun coming out too far…that takes an extremely hard push. Stand in front of a bed (with pillows all around) and see how hard you can get away with pushing the gun up…It’s good to know these things.

Problems that might occur: This technique works best when wearing a belt, but not necessary. The only real problem I’ve encountered, was “elastic band  / draw-string, type clothing”. If I find other issues…I will post them here. If you find other issues (about anything with this holster), please let me know.

***READ THIS*** The 3 SPEED© wasn’t originally meant to be drawn like this…it’s simply a lucky, accident of design. The “pop- up draw” is for emergency situations…when the gun is “popped up” it moves onto the back plate…the trigger guard is now ineffective…your belt / pants, protect the trigger. I personally, haven’t had any problems whatsoever, and (in an emergency situation) have become very confident in the safety of this technique. However…you can never be “too safe”. Practice, make sure you know what you are doing. NEVER PRACTICE THIS DRAW WITH ONE IN THE CHAMBER.



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